To be honest, I really didn’t want to write this. Right now I feel scared. I don’t like talking about the bullying I experienced as a child AND as an adult, and continue to experience even now at 32 years old. More


Positive Thinking

So have you ever wondered how you can think more positively about yourself and your life?  I know I have!  I’ve often been told by people who say all I need to do is “think more positively” and it will make all the difference in my life.  Of course when you’re feeling down or depressed, it’s easy for someone to say just think more positively, the thing is no one really explains that.   More

Setting Boundaries

What is important to remember is that there is a big difference between boundaries and ultimatums.  Firstly we need to remind ourselves that we can only change ourselves and not others, which is why setting ultimatums rarely works, because the essence of an ultimatum is to change the other person. More

Separated Parent Syndrome?

Okay so I will admit I made that up, it’s not a known disorder as far as I’m aware, but is certainly something that seems to be a spreading epidemic.  Of course I’m not attacking people for choosing to go their separate ways, but I do want to discuss how the child/children become deeply affected by the separation depending on how the parents deal with their personal issues with one another. More

Do we have the ability to control our own emotions?

So many people are full of anger towards others, they scream and shout and say nasty things and when questioned about their behaviour blame the other person for how they feel.  The thing is no one else has the ability to control your emotions.  You may find something that someone else says as triggering to your emotions but the fact of the matter is that how you react is based on your own thoughts and feelings about yourself or on something that has happened previously in your own life.   More

How can anyone be sure of a correct diagnosis? – The Rosenhan experiment

I have said for the years that I have been diagnosed with the wrong diagnosis  After receiving my medical file last month, I discovered that it was very vague and has no description of any symptoms that I have suffered from over the years let alone the ones that I ‘should have’ for the accused diagnosis.   More

Living with the stigma of Mental Illness

The diagnosis is on dodgy ground, after seeing psychiatrists since 1998 and finally getting my medical records released, only to discover how vague my file is and with no indication of how my diagnosis was arrived at.  I disagree with the diagnosis I have which is why I won’t reveal what it is or what I think I have till I’ve had my second opinion and review on my diagnosis.  However I can still talk about what it is like to live with a mental illness, the symptoms I suffer from and the stigma I have to endure day in and day out. More

Teenagers – the dating game! From a mother’s perspective…

13 years old and her first boyfriend!  OH MY!!!

Yes that’s right folks, my first born child, the eldest of the brood has herself a new boyfriend!  What’s more she hasn’t seen this boy in over 3 years since they went to primary school together.  Well how on earth did they become boyfriend and girlfriend?  I hear you ask.  Well these days it doesn’t take a genius to guess it had something to do with Online networking sites….yes I’m talking about facebook. More

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

Whilst hoping to bring insight to people’s lives, I’m also very nervous about the idea of sharing my innermost thoughts, that for so long I have considered to be the irrational ramblings of a crazy woman!  Let’s hope I won’t be judged too harshly and people will have a bit of compassion and understanding for this hide away hermit. More

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