A difficult pregnancy – personal post

So, I have diabetes and I’m on my fifth pregnancy – fourth child (lost one).

Complications so far:  Diabetes, fourth child – weak womb muscles, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), psychosis/delusions in first trimester, stomach bug that led to hospitalization for dehydration, baby with non variable heart beat and little movement, Polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) and an overly large baby (due to diabetes).

What this has meant for me is that I have had to go to hospital once a week from 2 weeks pregnant, increased to twice a week from 30 weeks pregnant and then increased to every other day in recent weeks, sometimes every day and sometimes twice a day…I have also had to stay in patient for 4 nights twice in the last few weeks.  On top of this I have had to go for growth scans every two weeks and a doppler scan, had internals, many blood tests, eye tests every three months, diabetic appointments every month, obstetrician appointments every month….

I also have to have my baby early as @ 36 weeks pregnant my baby is measuring 43 weeks in size!  She is 8lb 9oz and I am not due till 24th December this year, but will be induced next week on 9th December.  I will have to have a Syntocin drip because of the risk of haemorrhage  (due to 4th pregnancy and a weak womb), glucose drip due to the diabetes, CTG monitor for the duration of labour to monitor the baby’s heart beat, a consultant on site who is available throughout the duration of labour in case the baby’s shoulders get stuck, an Anaesthetist available also in case of emergency c-section.

The baby has a high chance of having a hypo after she is born due to the poor sugar controls during pregnancy – indicated by her size and the Polyhydramnios.  The best thing to treat her is to breast feed immediately after birth, but I have no milk come through so this is not going to be possible.

Being my fourth birth, I have memories of the previous labours and am now terrified, not so much of the possible complications and risks so much as I know I am in good hands, but of the pain I know is inevitable!  For some reason us mothers forget how bad it was until weeks or days before our next is due!  Now it’s all coming back to me and I know there is no escape!

I do however look forwards to holding my little girl in my arms and introducing her to the world…so keep an eye out for next weeks posting, when I will be introducing little Ronnie to you all xxx

Update:  To meet Rowanna and read about the birth and all that has happened since please read here


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