Should those on benefits/welfare not have children?

Anyone who says women on benefits should not have children as they can’t afford to support them by themselves is as good as wishing that every child who’s parents are on or ever been on any kind of benefits should never have been born! You are judging more than the parent, but the child too! How would you feel if someone directly said to you that they wish your child had never been born? Because that is the implication being made. And many people are on some kind of benefit or do you make exceptions for those on working tax credit, child benefit or contributions towards child care? More


For the one I lost


I lost my angel New Years Eve 2008 at 7 weeks pregnant. It was a terrible time for me and I was depressed and grieving for a long time after even though at the time I felt silly to do so and like I was just being a drama queen as my baby wasn’t really a baby at that point..just an embryo. More

We can’t choose our family….or can we?

I guess it all depends on how you look at this, for me I have disowned family members without any feelings of guilt.  I may have times where I feel bad, but not because I feel I have done anything wrong in my choices but because I feel grief for what I have lost or at least never had in the first place.  After all we all want to be loved by our mothers (or fathers or brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc..) don’t we?   More

My children’s fathers – reply to Single Dad Laughing blog on fathers that don’t see their children.

Dan I would like to sum up my own story.  I had grown up as an abused child, when I was old enough…or perhaps not old enough, I started to look for love in the wrong places… More

The story so far of my new baby.

So little Rowanna was born after I was induced 2 weeks early on the 10th December 2010 weighing 9lb and 13oz.  She was induced early due to my diabetes and her growing too big.   More

Happiness is a choice not chance

It’s true!  Though I don’t ‘blame’ those that are not happy I do believe we have to make a choice in order to be happy.  First we have to choose happiness then work out what happiness is to us.  What makes us happy?   More

I do not exist?

Well how do you know I exist?  How do you know you exist?

The fact is that despite having a physical body that we can see, touch, smell and hear…..the reality is that the ‘I’ that claims thoughts, feelings and ownership is nothing more than the ‘ego’. More

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