Mental Illness and Benefits/Welfare

Many people have voiced an opinion (that I have heard), that just adds to the stigma against mental health sufferers. I wanted to write an article to help inform the misinformed about the invisible illness that can strike anyone at any time. More


Special Saturday!

Special Saturday is very much like a large family, going through similar daily struggles with our special needs children (and grown children).  Most of us understand what life raising a child with special needs is like, and for the most part it is an amazing journey and uniquely rewarding for all of us. More

My special needs child is amazing because…

  My special needs child is amazing because even when mummy is pushing a tube down her nose, past her gag reflex, makes her choke, gives her a nose          bleed…..she still gives me the biggest widest smile once it’s all over, and stares in to my eyes with her beautiful big steely green eyes with adoration and love.   More

Gastrostomy and Barium Swallow

Well Ronnie is now 6 months old and the worst fears of brain damage have been put aside (for now). Though she still cannot feed and has her NG tube in, she is developing as any other normal 6 month old. More

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