Bpd – the gifts

One of the symptoms of bpd is a sense of emptiness, a void and a feeling as though we don’t know who we are, lost.

These are positive symptoms if we approach them with a sense of determination.

An empty cup can be filled with any drink of choice, you can choose to fill it with something sweet, delicious and good or with bitterness and poison.

So too can we fill the void with love, respect, honour, care.

Not knowing what something is or is meant to be, means we can become our own designers, creators. We can mould ourselves into what we desire. We can choose our interests, values, priorities. We can think freely without bias or prejudice. We can look outwardly for inspiration and trial and error.

We can become…

Bpd = self creation more than self realisation.

The trick is not to allow others perceptions to embitter us and for this we need to continually return to our centre.

Bpd = an eternal capacity to love unconditionally

The most beautiful part of me is my severe ’emotional dysregulation’ it is the strongest part of me that drives me, that creates action and change, that sparks fire and passion, that prevents procrastination. My emotional instability is what inspires others to action also. Yes it can mean I spend data or weeks in tears and isolation at the other side of the pendulum swing, but often I think it’s worth it.

Bpd = fire in the heart.

Bpd = a phoenix that rises from the ashes. You watch us burn over and over and wonder how we possibly get back up again, but each time we fall, we resurrect ourselves. Even our tears heal others souls.

When we speak, you hear us, you feel us, we make hearts tremble and knees weak, we strip you naked and reveal all your fears.. And then we show you how beautiful and perfect you are just like that as we hold you in sacred space and honour you.

For some this becomes too overwhelming and they can’t handle their true reflection and give in to the fear and run. This is a natural and common reaction that sadly leaves the bpd’er with further feelings of rejection  abandonment and a sense of unworthiness.

Some describe us as a cup full of holes and that no matter what you do to fill us, the void will always remain  I say that as you fill us we simply use what is stored to fill others cups from our own stash and therefore need others to replenish us.  We do not just ‘take’  we give of ourselves so much without holding anything back for ourselves


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