Welcome to my blog!

Whilst hoping to bring insight to people’s lives, I’m also very nervous about the idea of sharing my innermost thoughts, that for so long I have considered to be irrational rambling of a crazy woman!  Let’s hope I won’t be judged too harshly and people will have a bit of compassion and understanding for this hide away hermit.

Just a little information about me, I am a 32-year-old woman from England with 3 daughters aged 13, 9 and 3, pregnant with my fourth due Christmas Eve.  I am morbidly obese (let’s get that out the way) and suffer with diabetes.  I’ll tell you all straight off that I’m not perfect and despite for the most part being a positive thinker I often have my ‘off days’ where the negative stuff catches up with me and so I can start contradicting all the things I’ve posted about to help myself and others in an instant.

I’d like to continue the belief that the positive thinker is the real me and the negative thinker is just the lost the plot me.  It’s not intended to be indicative of a confused person or a false person, but just someone who like everyone else has her off days.  Despite being filled with a lot of love for people and a desire to help others and change the world, I too can sometimes get angry, upset, hurt and even judgemental at moments.  I try to be tactful and diplomatic but I don’ t like to pussyfoot around things and prefer to be blunt and straight to the point, like ripping a plaster off.

In my life I have had to face some harsh truths and things I would rather have forgotten about, but long-term doing this has helped me work towards self-healing and self discovery, we learn by the suffering we go through and by our mistakes in this life, it is what makes us human and the imperfections in the world are what bring about true beauty in to the world.  I desire to embrace that beauty in myself and all of us!

So hi and nice to meet you all,

SD xxx


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